adagio by metrum acoustics review by the ear

From the first digital to analogue converter ever made by Metrum Acoustics they have taken a different route to most manufacturers. The majority use conversion chips by Burr Brown, Philips, TI or Wolfson to name a few, Metrum selected an industrial DAC chip and claimed its high speed architecture improved the conversion. A lot of reviewers and customers agreed. Loyal to the non-oversampling, non-filtering approach Metrum continued to bring converters to the market, every one better than the last up to the Pavane last year. When the market asked for a DAC-preamplifier Metrum’s Cees Ruijtenberg looked at the Pavane and started a project to create the Adagio. Where not only is the volume control new, but some important changes have been made to the architecture as well. MORE

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