pavane by metrum acoustics review by the ear

With the Pavane DAC Metrum Acoustics surpassed all its previous products. By shifting the lower 12 bits of a 24 bit signal into a separate converter and threating them as upper 12 it has a unique architecture. The signal is matched with the 12 bits that were not shifted in the analogue stage, resulting in an astonishing -140dB S/N ratio. The Pavane is capable of passing on even the tiniest details from a CD or streamed file, delivering them in a very precisely layered sound stage, and Metrum’s R2R ladder converters do not need up sampling or oversampling to be among the best in the world. I have been using the Pavane since it appeared on the market and it never fails to deliver a dynamic and musically convincing sound that will satisfy the most demanding music lover by virtue of the tremendous insight it provides about the way each recording was made. It preserves the timbre of the instruments and voices and at the same time never sounds technical. The Pavane is a great product and in relation to other high end DACs on the market, something of a bargain. MORE

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