Final part of the JADE review by 6MOONS

And the final part of the JADE By Metrum Acoustics review by 6Moons

In these leagues, Cees Ruijtenberg’s Metrum Jade—our man in black at left—is a still cost-effective technically sophisticated option with baked-in non-lossy precision volume control. It’s fundamentally neutral and very resolved. It’s not about prettifying the music; about adding ten pounds like a movie lens. If desired, such effects must be handled elsewhere in the chain. Jade’s ambitions seem to be very high micro resolution from a very low noise floor at -145dB/2V; and from proprietary processing of the least/less significant bits which increases linearity and recovery to a claimed true 24-bit resolution where typical converters go soft. In the same context, the ambitions include volume control which won’t compromise the rest; and stout 6Vrms/XLR drive for direct connections which still can be reduced via jumper to enlarge useful volume range for high-gain systems. If, as surmised, that was all of the design brief… mission accomplished; to the letter. And if you don’t need variable gain because you already own a superior preamp, save some coin and go for the otherwise identical Onyx instead. Have stones. Will play. Black optional – but not the smile.

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