Metrum Acoustics opens up shop in the USA!


Given all the latest and greatest developments at Metrum Acoustics, we have decided to move even closer to our USA based clients and potential clients! Over the last year we are enjoying the rollercoaster feeling and as we are attracting many new clients, audiophiles, professional artists, music lovers of all sorts, as well as our product line is ever increasing, it becomes time to open up shop in the USA to be closer to our clients.

As of mid-August 2018, Metrum Acoustics will open up its direct sales and warehouse from sunny Florida. We will maintain a healthy stock in order to deliver faster and more efficient to our new clients. The Metrum Acoustics subsidiary will also serve as a hub to our local dealers and work with them to bring our products to market. The Metrum Acoustics global headquarters will remain in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and our engineering and assembly takes place in Den Bosch, the Netherlands, approximately 20 miles north of our HQ.

No changes to the ordering process, USA based clients can simply order through our store on and the orders will be fulfilled from the USA. Herewith we will be able to guarantee swift delivery times, no more waiting for customs clearing and making sure our clients can even faster enjoy their newly adopted Digital to Analog Converters!

Details about location and contacts will be announced soon, so stay tuned! If you have any questions about our new presence in the USA, please contact us at

Metrum Acoustics, Make Digital Sound Sublime!

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