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Amethyst & Ambre, a wonderful set!

#DAC #MakeDigitalSoundSublime #ClientReview #PureAnalog #Amethyst Roon #NonOversampling Sennheiser NYC Sennheiser   Just another client review on the AMBRE and AMETHYST by Metrum Acoustics. This article has been translated from french to english and the original text can be found at the Patatorz website and was written by Mr. Ludovic Audoin AKA Le Son de chez […]

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HOT NEWS First review of the AMBRE by Lexicom Multimedia

Metrum AMBRE ROON Digital Bridge: Timing is the key   Pretty obvious we all are exposed to nowadays phenomenon of music being streamed. Whether streaming happens from your own hard disk, or through cloud music services like Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal or many others, and regardless of the way the devices are connected, Wi-Fi or […]

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