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Metrum Acoustics is a leading manufacturer of a well-formed range of Digital to Analogue converters, Digital Pre-Amplifiers and Power Amplifiers.

1. Who is Metrum Acoustics and where are you located?

Metrum Acoustics™ is a brand of ALL-Engineering B.V., Metrum Acoustics has continuously made waves in the national and international press with the unique non-oversampling sound of its Digital to Analog Converters, in short DAC’s. Our international headquarters is in the Netherlands, where we not only reside but also manufacture our fine high end audio equipment. We also have a Americas based subsidiary called Metrum Acoustics™ INC, out of Florida, the United States.

2. When did you start and what is it you do?

Metrum Acoustics was founded by Mr. Cees Ruijtenberg who started his career in audio with electrostatic loudspeaker panels and amplifiers. The company started to expand as of 2012 with the introduction of its first DAC, in a market which is growing year over year because of growing enthusiasm and adoption of streaming music offerings like ITunes, Tidal, Deezer, Spotify, SiriusXM, Roon and many others. Converting data into an analogue signal is the name of the game for digital music systems. So, plugging in a dedicated DAC can only improve things right.

3. What makes Metrum Acoustics™ unique?

In hi fidelity audio Metrum Acoustics was initially drawn to the limited availability of certain components. Established chip manufacturers supplying these key components decide how signals should be processed, and most competitors make use of these components. No alternatives were available and therefore this greatly influences the sound image that is realized.

One of the reasons which makes Metrum’s products unique, is the fact that we use our own DAC chips, branded Transient. Transient is not only used in Metrum’s own product line up, but also used in various OEM products in the audio market. Besides the fact that Metrum products do have a unique sound because of its own DAC chips, is that we apply the Non-Oversampling (NOS) principle in our digital to analog converters, which makes sound pristine and the way it was intended when recorded.

4. What is NON Oversampling?

Today there is a growing view that ‘non-oversampling’ ,or NOS for short, offers many benefits. Metrum Acoustics dedicated considerable time and attention to researching the NOS premise and found its audible benefits valid up to a certain point. The question then remained how to remove these sonic artifacts without resorting to oversampling. This question was answered by the first product made by Metrum Acoustics the NOS mini DAC Quad, a digital to analogue converter designed and manufactured with modern high speed industrial grade chip sets, free from most of the disadvantages of the past.  These techniques are improved over time and used over the entire range of products. The most important result is the sound, which was never so close to the analogue origin.

Metrum Acoustics has been visionary in Non Oversampling, hence the reason so many audio users worldwide have adopted one or more of Metrum Acoustics DAC’s!

5. Do you make use of industrial chips like many other DAC manufacturers?

NO. All circuits are designed from scratch, followed by board layouts and pre production samples. As soon as the definitive circuit board is ready for production and components are ordered, we start producing the empty boards. When these come into the warehouse they are made ready for SMD components by using a template to apply a paste of glue and solder to the spots where the small parts will stick. A large machine using rolls of SMD parts, places each chip, capacitor, resistor etc. on the board. The next step is to put the stuffed board in an oven, where the glue particles vanish and the components sink into the solder. This is the basis of what is called Surface Mount Technology (SMT) which is very reliable, parts can be small and processors measuring only 17x17mm with 256 connection points on the bottom can be soldered in place. Bigger parts like power capacitors need to be placed by hand and fixed using a solder wave bath to make the connections.

6. Do you ship worldwide?

Metrum Acoustics™ ships its products worldwide. We have many clients all over the globe, of which we are very proud. Depending on the store you order from, shipment will take place from there. Go to THE GLOBAL STORES in the main menu to order through your regional store and save on shipping costs.

7. Do you have resellers?

Metrum Acoustics™ has a select network of resellers around the world, as well as its own online store. We leave it up to the client to decide where and how to order and make no difference in support when purchased direct or indirect.

8. Are you always available?

We pride ourselves for our 7/24 availability and do whatever it takes to be there for you. We understand the concept of “customer first” and according to our clients provide the best industry support.

9. What about MQA, ROON and other formats?

At Metrum Acoustics™ we live by our standards. If we feel a format contributes to the quality of our Digital to Analog converters, we are the first to add. If not, we are pretty direct in explaining the why or why not one should add a format. Either way, we always do this with a thorough explanation, not leaving you in the dark.

10. Payment plan

We understand that al though one really wants a superior DAC, it is not always feasible to purchase one. For that reason we have introduced an installment plan, where the client can easily pay in seven installments. The first installment upon purchasing totals 50% of the amount, and subsequently one pays 10% of the total amount per month. PayPal takes care of the handling.

11. Right to return

As we do understand one wishes to experience the Non Oversampling sound themselves, we allow for our clients to test drive our products for a period of thirty days. Within this time frame the client can decide to return the products, and if the product does not satisfy the client needs, one can return the product, no questions asked. We will, once received the product, reimburse the purchase price minus 10% restocking fee.

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