MQA Optional Module

Metrum Acoustics is proud to start the partnership with MQA ! We believe that our clients are entitled to getting the best quality of sound when using our Digital to Analogue converters, and with our Non Oversampling (NOS) working principle we are able to provide that ultimate listening experience. We do understand that because of the ever growing offering of digital music, brought to you in different formats, that it is key to support other formats as well.

Therefor we have signed, sealed and delivered the contractual arrangements with MQA, to bring the MQA technology, AS AN OPTION, to our Digital to Analogue converters. As we have strong feelings about freedom, it is the customer who will decide whether to use the supreme Non Oversampling technology we have worked to perfection, or the MQA technology which will be offered to the following products as an upgrade, or for that matter both.

For current Amethyst, Onyx, Jade, Pavane and Adagio clients the MQA module will be available as an optional upgrade soon, and for all future clients we will incorporate the MQA technology as an optional upgrade when purchased.

In short, the MQA functionality is not yet available as part of our products, but soon it will be, yet it is entirely up to you to use the MQA module or not.

Soon we will communicate the availability of the MQA module, and if you are somewhat impatient, please contact us directly at

For now we have added the MQA logo to the products which are suitable for an upgrade, and while we are in the process of making the module available the MQA capabilities are an upgrade and not (yet) standard out of the box.

To learn more about MQA and its capabilities, please visit the MQA website