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Digital to Analog Conversion with Digital Pre Amplification

The Adagio gives you more weight, body, tonal richness, and a more natural sense of the space of the recording. Or to put it more plainly, it fleshes out your music more!

Think clarity. The Pavane does a wonderful job of presenting even the most complex music in a natural and inviting manner with every last ounce of nuance in tact. There’s no artificial sounding edge, no sense of a flat cutout image, basically none of digital’s nastier stuff. In some cases this can also come with a somewhat dark and muddy sound but that is absolutely not the case with the ADAGIO; think clarity.

The Adagio allows you to hear into the recording and the recording’s quality. This is somewhat of a good news/bad news proposition in that you’ll really hear what’s there.



For a long time Metrum Acoustics has used hybrid (triode) amps for pleasure listening and critical evaluations. What we did not like was the fact that triodes suffer aging problems. In simulation software, we started to simulate triodes with fets instead. The good thing with triodes is their low gain and a lot of bandwidth without any need for feedback. As a result we realized a full class A high voltage fet circuitry having the right gain ,very good open loop bandwidth  and low noise figures. A similarity is the high voltage of 350 Volts to get this circuit running. As a result an amazing linearity without any feedback was realized. From this point the circuit  is driving a class A/B output section (10 watts in class A). Some little feedback is necessary to get the right gain but also improves the damping factor at the same time . Compared to our old hybrids, there’s no sonic difference, just less noise and lower distortion.
The Forte Adagio combination has proven to be an absolute winning combination and al though we spend a lot of time talking about our DACs, the Forte is definitely top of its class. Not only have we seen many clients obtaining this set, we also see many who use the Forte in combination with other DAC’s. For us time to create a compelling bundle, providing you with the best Metrum Acoustics™ has to offer!

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