Amethyst by Metrum Acoustics™ (Digital Analog Converter)

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5 reviews for Amethyst by Metrum Acoustics™ (Digital Analog Converter)

  1. Rody Mulder (verified owner)

    One of my customers brought in the Amethyst DAC. I didn’t expect too much of a revelation but after having it hooked up to USB and a streamer based on an Intel NUC running roon’s ROCK-OS, I was impressed by this little gem! Voices were very detailed and rich making listening to voices a breath taking experience. One could even hear the start of the airflow when the singer started to sing.

    Strings are very well produced. Never did I hear such snappy reproduction of guitar play. The Amethyst is fast and acts with slam. Despite of that it is never leaning towards a digital sound. The Amethyst is articulate, detailed, has a very good impulse response but never sounds into the face. Long listening sessions are guaranteed! No listening fatigue. To the contrary, I kept on playing one album after the other to discover things I had never heard before on these albums that I knew very well!

    It was for the very first time that perception of depth was presented so easily. The soundstage spreads well beyond the speakers.

    Needless to say that I bought one for myself to enjoy music. One remark though: this DAC needs to broken in. So before making a judgement be sure this DAC has played many hours. I guess it would take at least a month to shine at its best.

  2. Robert Wielinga

    After purchasing a nice Rega vinyl player I was not happy with the ‘digital’sound of my old DAC. In search of a new DAC I did quite some research and ended up with the quest of purchasing a ladder DAC, After listening to an older and more expensive Metrum DAC I decided to go for the Amethyst which I bought secondhand. It was just broken in so as good as new.

    My main streaming device is a Bluesound Node 2 and it is a very nice combo. The sound is very detailed, but in the same time relaxed. I can listen for hours without listening fatigue, either via the speakers (von Schweikert Unifield One) or via some of my headphones. As a headphone amplifier it works great as well, even outperforming my Meier Audio Corda Rock. The Amethyst has enough inputs for me, I have connected my TV via the optical input as well. It’s a bit of a shame there is no remote control to switch inputs or set the volume, since the volume knob is a bit of a struggle to operate. But these are minor issues and I can’t think of a better DAC in this price category given the effortless presentation of the music. Some people might prefer a more upfront sound, they should look further. But those who appreciate a very well balanced sound with enough depth and soundstage should take a listen.

  3. Suresh

    Have been using the Amethyst for about 2 yrs now. The sound is open and detailed with good depth and natural sounding. No fatigue when played for long hours and verywell balanced soundstage. Anyone looking for a analouge sound should give Amethyst a listen

  4. Jim Carlyle

    A huge enveloping sphere of sound surrounds my head from Sennheiser HD650s plugged into the magic Amethyst, with events at varying distances in all directions, even below me. I’m not sure it’s true to performance, but it’s so entrancing that it is my favourite combo, always hard to turn off. I’m playing CDs on a super-cheap Sony BDP-S1200 as transport.

  5. Dietmar Fuchs (verified owner)

    In comparison with Metrum Octave DAC I have listened to classical music comprising voices and unplugged instruments.The progress is obvious.The prime advantages: Room grows, the spacial sound is more lucid. There is more detail and improved transparency; the tonal colors are more nuanced; it’s easier to follow a single part.Voices are more corporeal. As a whole the sonic image gains the naturalness as it is called.

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Offering an alternative to that of Aurix’s Transformer Volume Control … an integrated design by Metrum Acoustics.

Two DAC TWO Modules which provide plenty of processing power and substantial energy reservoirs … to provide smooth and efficient delivery of power.

Conventional analogue volume control … directly coupled to D/A output board ensures – detailed quality sound.

However, the icing on the cake … is that the Amethyst by Metrum Acoustics also has the ” looks “ to partner what’s inside.

The Amethyst is our new entry model using our praised “forward correction technology“. Due to this technology a real 24 bits performance is realized and probably the most advanced way to give R2R technology new dimensions. As a result music will be more exiting as details on very low levels will be audible. The Amethyst can meet the best systems today in terms of sound quality as it borrows all the good things from our top models Pavane and Adagio.

Like her predecessor the Amethyst is designed for the same basic frame but electronics have been redesigned for future tasks. In addition we have implemented a new and powerful headphone amplifier having its own volume control.

The Amethyst is using two Transient R2R ladder DAC TWO modules. These modules can handle extreme high sampling rates but are limited to current industry standards which has its maximum (384kHz) on the USB input. The result of this process is an extremely fast and accurate behavior and brings listening experience on a much higher level.

Despite the fact that both dac modules are build on the same board an extremely high channel separation of 110 dB is realized. This contributes to flawless positioning of instruments. The headphone amplifier will drive impedance down to 16 Ohms and gets his power from a powerful 30VA power supply. When the the Amethyst is used as a dac this power will be available for the DAC only.

Trickle down technology from Adagio and Pavane Level III, is now available at a most affordable price. A volume controlled Headphone output almost comes free.

The DAC TWO modules each incorporate Forward correction technology to both channels. This approach is ideally suited to R2R design and maximizes performance, providing true 24 Bit performance. As with the Reference models, this allows for retrieval of very low level information/detail.

Even though Amethyst is a small ‘mini’ integrated design, incorporating both Digital and Analogue processing, channel separation is specified at 110dB. This together with an extremely low level noise floor of -145dB @ 2V RMS, indicates how this fine detail retrieval is made possible.

Amethyst By Metrum Acoustics can be used as a stand-alone DAC. Fixed level standard Redbook 2V output is available – direct from the new DAC TWO modules – no output stage is necessary to hinder/cloud signal information. The connection goes straight to the Analogue outputs – to feed Amplification.

Be wary of any device that outputs more than the Industry Standard 2V output. This will falsify comparison … so begs the question – why do some manufacturers do this ?

Only one answer !

Headphone volume control is designed to power lower impedance models down to 16 Ohms. 4 Volts is available on loads between 16 and infinity … so power is constant regardless of the load.

When Phones are connected, volume control becomes active and when disconnected, the Analogue outputs become active with volume control muted.

With the Analogue output circuits in play, all power is diverted to DAC performance.

6 MOONS Review

Srajan Ebaen has put Amethyst through its paces. Thoroughly out of context … HiFiMan’s US$6K Susvara Headphones are also under Review. It would seem Amethyst is capable, in powering the most difficult to drive Phones he has ever come across.

“With Metrum’s paralleled FPGA-corrected R2R ladders coupling to the outputs through just an impedance-conversion buffer, plugging in Susvara approached that futuristic notion of direct neural wiring to the cortex; in the here now. The illusion of nothing between my ears and the music was unusually strong. “I truly felt inside the music; a very different sensation from speaker listening or even good regular headphones”.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 19 × 6 cm
Voltage & Color

110V Black Line, 110V Silver Line, 230V Black Line, 230V Silver Line


24 bits Non oversampling DAC

Forward (FPGA) corrected

1 DAC per channel in differential mode

30 VA with toroidal transformer

110/115V AC 220/230V AC 60/50Hz

Input 1x optical, 2x coaxial and USB

Output : 2 Volt RMS

Volume controlled headphone connection

Max load 16 Ohms

Frequency Response 44.1 kHz sampling 1Hz – 20 khz -1dB

Frequency response 192 kHz sampling 1Hz – 65 kHz -1dB

Distortion 0.006 THD

Noise Floor -145 DB related 2 volt rms

Output impedance RCA 100 Ohm. Headphone output 3 Ohms

Sampling rate Optical 44.1 – 96 kHz

Sampling rate Coax 44.1 -192 kHz,

Sampling rate USB 44.1 kHz -384 kHz

Dimensions 19 x 6 x 25 cm

Weight 2.5KG

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