Our superior Digital to Analog converters are reviewed by a wide variety of magazines, experts and audiophiles alike. Here we wish to share a number of reviews with you,

Being highly specialized on the creation and building the best Digital to Analog Converters out there, the reviews about our products are raving! Herewith some short statements, and please have a look at the complete reviews on the right,

“The Adagio is a major step to the last word in conversion and allows digital sources to get as close to the original recording as possible. Me, I simply love this DAC and would put it in both my systems if funds would permit.”

“Sonically, the Adagio (or Pavane Level 2 or 3) goes a step further and is even more refined than what you’ve heard from us yet.”

“A seemingly simple task, yet in my experience every DAC delivers a differing mix of these elements with some overdoing things, especially in that last category, while under-doing others. The Metrum Acoustics DAC hits on four cylinders to my ears. “