Acelec Model One loudspeaker

" If you enjoy clean, high-rez monitor sound as much as I do, but you also need a strong rhythm-keeper with some sweet and juicy tone – especially if you want a rhythm-keeper that can play with low-power triodes – Acelec's reasonably priced Model One could be the speaker you've been searching for. Highly recommended."

Sonnet Morpheus MK2 – recenzja

" A kind of genetic purity, and a very specific impression that "something is very right" in this sound. This is one of those aspects that make music feel like music."

Review: Sonnet Digital Audio Pasithea DAC (Part One)

" With the Pasithea converting digital to analog, I heard well into the recording down to fine grained details that make spatial location rock solid and as clearly defined as a sculpture"

Acelec Model One Loudspeakers by David Abramson

" if you seek a smaller speaker with a superbly linear frequency response (...) while at the same time minimizing the deleterious effects your room is having on your sound, I think the Acelecs would be one to take home to momma. "

Sonnet Audio Pasithea DAC Review

" Pasithea decodes the enchanting beauty of music with a unique ability to eloquently convey the message without altering the appeal or allure by creating a relaxing aural habitat where you do not want to interrupt your listening pleasure "

In Barn for Review: Sonnet Kratos Mono Power Amplifiers

Sonnet Digital Audio Pasithea Digital-to-Analogue Converter

" It’s a faithful conduit to the artists’ intent while, at the same time, it presents the artistry in an easy and rather seductive fashion. Yes, the Goddess Pasithea lives in this DAC…"

Acelec Model One

" Associated with ambitious electronics, they can compete easily prestige monitors that exceed the bar of 10,000 euros."

Acelec Model One Loudspeaker

" The Model Ones certainly are transparent and dynamic bookshelf speakers that can live in many musical settings."

Sonnet Digital Audio Morpheus

" IThe Morpheus focuses on an exceptional resolving power which acts as an acoustic facilitator. In a world that sometimes tends towards standardization, this converter brings a breath of fresh air."


" When you hear something as unique as this converter, it is possible to get spoiled quickly when switching back to lesser gear."


" I predict that running the Pasithea Amp-Direct will be the preferred mode. Its thus perfectly legit to call the Pasithea a DAC/passive-pre in one small box."

Sonnet Morpheus D/A processor

" I hated handling the Morpheus to the FedEx guy so much, that I ended up buying one."

A genesis Tale; the father of Morpheus

Review: Sonnet Digital Audio Morpheus DAC and Hermes Streamer

" try to forget everything you think you know about NOS ladder DACs (...) The sound image was rock solid, fixed in space, and filled with a very natural sense of how things sound in real life."

Metrum Acoustics Adagio DAC Digital Preamplifier Review

" I haven’t had sound quality like this in my listening room for some time"

Review Metrum Acoustics DAC3 upgrade

Sonnet Morpheus (& Hermes) review

" full-bodied, open, extended, and very dynamic, yet not solely defined by any one of those attributes"

Metrum Acoustics Onyx Balanced NOS HiFi DAC Review

" There is a very nice amount of details present with a good and solid bass"

Sonnet Morpheus & Hermes

Sonnet Audio Hermes

"An ideal complement to the Morpheus converter, the Hermes network player is a practical product, relatively inexpensive, well made and with a sound performance fully in line with that of its prestigious brother."

Acelec Model One Speaker Review

"It is rare to combine so many sonic qualities in such a compact package, but Acelec’s passive monitors are remarkable in conveying holographic three dimensionality that is never overshadowed by other qualities"

Metrum Acoustics Onyx DAC

"There are no words to describe how I felt. The sound I heard was simply out of this world"


"(Morpheus) From the ancient Greek for 'form' or 'shape', he is literally 'the fashioner' but became associated with the God of dreams. And for the right listener, being the stuff of dreams is absolutely the correct meaning again. Over and out."

Review Metrum Acoustics Onyx

"You can see the Metrum Acoustics Onyx as a hi-fi jewel, but one that doesn’t want to stand out. One who prefers to work discreetly. Who keeps himself in the background and lets the music speak for itself"

Metrum Acoustics Ambre en Onyx: Gemstones from the Netherlands

"Don't bother me with the prejudice that the Netherlands has no manufacturing industry. Certainly in our profession there are many Dutch companies that develop and produce innovative audio products. Metrum Acoustics is a very good example of this."

Review Metrum Acoustics Ambre Roon Endpoint

"Rasberry… but on steroids"

A Most Absorbing Pair – Metrum’s Revolutionary Preamp/DAC And Power Amp

"At all volumes it sounded like I was hearing the live performance. Those recordings captured very dynamic performances with wood, steel and skin clearly discernible in all their natural timbre."

Metrum Acoustics Jade

"Metrum controls the reference voltage of its NOS dac chips. And that makes the volume control completely lossless. Interesting!"

Metrum Acoustics Onyx and Jade

"The Jade is easy to describe in audiophile terms: details are fine, bass goes deep, high notes never turn sharp nor loose energy. Dynamics are great, noise level is as low as possible. Still with all these remarks I cannot put down in words how much I enjoy music with this little gemstone "

Metrum Amethyst – Forward Correction DAC

"The purist par excellence who also knows how to keep the music in the music."


"It's an illusion of extreme intimacy with the musical muse. As such, it was actually related to nearfield studio monitors of the linear active sort. One hears everything"


"In these leagues, Metrum Jade is a still cost-effective technically sophisticated option with baked-in non-lossy precision volume control"


"Hitting the brakes to take stock, by March 2017 Metrum's Adagio had reshuffled this writer's DAC index as new king of the hill"

Metrum Acoustics Adagio

"The Adagio is a major step to the last word in conversion and allows digital sources to get as close to the original recording as possible. Me, I simply love this DAC and would put it in both my systems if funds would permit"

Review Metrum Acoustics Pavane DAC

"The dac has (another) striking strength: maintaining peace and quiet in very complex songs. For example, we once set up Jigsaw Falling into Place by Radiohead. A very annoying song because there are a lot of layers in it. Rarely have we heard it so well. Everything gets a place. The peace remains."


" There's a higher purpose for truly fine hifi. A busy mind can certainly resist the immersive pull to remain the aloof critic. But components like the Pavane lower this barrier of entry. Their time coherence doesn't confuse our brains. Their tremendous micro detail has us notice more elements of recorded space and the interconnectivity between players"

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