A sound true to nature

Making beautiful equipment for music lovers!

Metrum Acoustics and Sonnet Digital Audio are two descendants from the same founding father Cees Ruijtenberg, with Lion Kwaijtaal as co-founder of Sonnet. In both companies we are dedicated to buildDigital to Analog Converters (DACs) sounding 'True to nature', in our own way, for you, our valued Music loving customer.

In our factory in 's Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, we innovate while we're at it, finding better techniques, parts and circuits to make the DAC modules sound even better. Our team has many years of experience in engineering, producing and assembling high end audio equipment. We are unique in the sense that we make our products ourselves: volume knobs, circuit boards and software is all made by our team. Even our DAC modules are manufactured in-house.

All disciplines are in-house to make a complete audio device from scratch. The most recent additions to our dedicated team are Stefaan, Paulo, Daniël, Ferris and Roelof. They take care of sales, production and (if ever needed) service.

Short history

Metrum was founded after extensive research into DAC technology for an industrial purpose. A low noise, correct impulse response was needed. When a musical signal was applied Cees was sold and decided to build it into a product. [ When a musical signal resolved the matter…] The Metrum Acoustics Duo was born, using 2 DAC chips (one left, one right). Shortly thereafter, the Quad and Octave MKI were developed. The HEX followed as flagship DAC, and was eventually succeeded by the Pavane. Pavane level 1, 2 and 3 followed. The Adagio then included volume control and even better measurements. This almost completed the line. The Onyx and Jade turned out to be more efficient with 4 DAC modules in total whilst still carrying the Metrum sound signature. The international press gave raving reviews and the Metrum brand name became known among a large fan base. Metrum was ready to grow; All Engineering (the holding company carrying the Metrum brand) was sold to an investment company, giving marketing an impulse and offering Cees the opportunity to focus more on designing new equipment.

Sales increased and at the same time the differences of opinion on the way forward grew. In parallel, Sonnet Digital Audio was founded, using the same musical DNA. The goal of Sonnet was to deliver top-of-the-bill equipment without compromise, while still being affordable. Less was spent on the casing and more emphasis was put on the electronics. The Morpheus DAC saw the light. This turbulent period ultimately resulted in the bankruptcy of All engineering, after which the only right thing to do was to relaunch the brand name Metrum . After the restart of Metrum the brands existed side-by-side and production of both brands took place in the same factory in 's Hertogenbosch. Metrum launched the DAC3 module resulting in worldwide upgrade fever, Sonnet birthed the Pasithea, bringing international reviewers to the edge of their seat again.

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