Sonnet Morpheus MK-II


Morpheus MK-II is born: now equipped with an additional -10dB attenuator that allows the Morpheus to be combined as a digital preamplifier with highly sensitive tube designs.

Color: Black
Voltage: 230V
Inputs: USB

Morpheus MK-II is born
In the past two years, the Morpheus has become an international success. In addition to its use as a normal DAC, the Morpheus has also been widely used as a digital preamplifier. Until now, its use was limited to a series of solid state power amplifiers. However, the MK-II version is now equipped with an additional -10dB attenuator that allows the Morpheus to be combined as a digital preamplifier with highly sensitive tube designs. By means of internal jumper settings the output voltage can easily be reduced from 2V RCA and 4V XLR to 0.7V RCA and 1.33V XLR respectively, which in practice comes down to -10dB.

Nationally and internationally, the Morpheus is recognized and acclaimed for its unique sound character. A modified version of the Morpheus DAC is used in Haarlem, the Netherlands, where we have one of the most amazing companies in the field of mastering and production of vinyl. "Artone studios" is the place where music can be recorded with both digital and analogue systems. At the "Record Industry", cutting and mastering prior to the vinyl production process is realized. Details of these companies can be found at and

Nowadays, many digital masters are also supplied for conversion to vinyl. To make that conversion possible but next to keep the sound as close as possible to the original recording, a digital to analogue converter is needed that does its work without any artifacts or degradation. Not only productions made in their own recording facility, but also famous and prestigious music labels bring their analog and digital masters to the "Record Industry" to have their productions pressed on vinyl.

When it comes to analog equipment, both Artone and the Record Industry have a wide range of equipment with a very high reputation so that the material offered retains its analog character as musicians and producers intended. The Morpheus is used to supply the converted signal to the Neumann VMS80 (lacquer) and VMS82 (DMM) Lathes for DMM cuts.

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Data sheet

Balanced Non oversampling DAC
Two SDA-2 DAC modules per channel in differential mode
Frequency Response
44.1 kHz sampling 1Hz – 20 khz -1dB. 192 kHz sampling 1Hz – 65 kHz – 3dB and 384kHz (USB)
Noise Floor
-155 dB related to 2 Volt RMS
Output Impedance
RCA 100 Ohm, XLR 100 Ohm
1x stereo pair single ended 2 Volts RMS. In -10dB mode 0.66 Volts RMS. 1x stereo pair XLR balanced 4 Volts RMS In -10dB mode 1.33 Volts RMS
1x optical, 1x coaxial and 1x AES/EBU and USB
Channel Separation
0.004% THD
Sampling rate Optical
44.1 – 96 kHz
Sampling rate Coax and AES/EBU
44.1 -192 kHz
Sampling rate USB
44.1 – 384kHz
Sampling rate I2S
44.1 – 384kHz
Power Supply
15VA 110/115V AC 220/230V AC 50/60Hz
Power Requirement
max 8 Watts
Products Dimensions
290 x 250 x 70 mm
Product Weight
Included accessories
Aluminum six button remote control

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