Metrum Newsletter - December 2023

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Holiday Season

A new moon is coming, time for a new newsletter! After the winter solstice of December 22nd Christmas is coming, the new year is roughly a month away... So much to celebrate, so much great music was made around these themes! Love or hate Mariah, every year her "All I Want for Christmas" gets played on so many radio stations, bringing back memories while there's no snow in Africa this Christmas time and Chris Rea keeps driving home. It's not Christmas if you haven't heard these songs. The anticipation to have time with family, friends and (not unimportant) for yourself couldn't be higher!


A little info first... In the Netherlands – where we build Metrum, Sonnet and Acelec equipment by hand – on the 6th of December we celebrate Sinterklaas (Saint Nicolas Day). An old wise man with a white beard in a red robe who gives presents to kids. If they have been good they will get presents, so expect good behavior and warmly anticipating children. During the festivities, we traditionally eat pepernoten; small spicy cookies. Sinterklaas rides a white horse called Americo, together they can ride on the roofs of Dutch houses. The presents are delivered through the chimney. We are Dutch (from the Netherlands) and we have cold and dark winter months. We love to cozy up to central heating or a fireplace during this time. And... we also like to hand out presents...


Presents & Extra Bonus

We offer Sonnet package deals from December 1st until February 14th. When you order one of the following combinations you receive a 10% discount:

Pasithea DAC – & – 2x Kratos monaural power amplifier
Pasithea DAC – & – Hermes streamer
Morpheus DAC – & – Hermes streamer
Acelec Model 1 loudspeaker (set of 2) – & – 2x Kratos monaural power amplifier


For these offers it doesn't matter whether you order through a dealer or directly from us, you will receive the same discount (terms and conditions apply, see our website). It is automatically applied when adding all the items to your cart when ordering directly.

In newsletter two we explained how our volume regulation works. The sound of the Metrum Onyx is exactly the same as the Metrum Jade. When the Jade volume is turned all the way up, effectively, you have an Onyx. The bonus in ordering a Jade instead of an Onyx is that if you upgrade to a power amplifier later – e.g. without volume control like an integrated amplifier – you can use the transparent Jade volume control and don´t need a pre-amp. Just a thought, but also a simple and good way to add value and functionality to your investment.

For us Jade is a more labor intensive DAC, but from December 1st until February 14th (yes that's Valentine's day) you can get a Metrum Jade for the price of a Metrum Onyx. This way, we give you a present, no matter where you are on the globe, or whichever festivity you would like to celebrate.

That's it for now... We wish you a great time with family, friends and good Music. If you missed our previous news letter you can find it on our website under News.



Keep an eye on your mailbox! Our engineers are hard at work on something new, which may be the focus of a not-too-distant future newsletter.


Keep listening to beautiful Music, we'll talk soon...


Team Metrum Acoustics


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